The Sims Hack: Tool for Unlimited SimCash

The most annoying thing in Sims Mobile game is when we have to spend a lot of time and struggle to collect SimCash and Simoleon. However, we have a solution with our new The Sims hack. It allows you to get SimCash and Simoleon for free. Moreover, you can use our hack tool easily, without having to use your phone number or taking a survey. Now, you don’t need to spend real money to get SimCash and Simoleon. Just use our generator tool and you get it as much as you want. 

How Does Our The Sims Hack Tool Work?

Install The Sims Mobile on your mobile device. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and work perfectly fine. With our Sims Hack Mobile Generator, you can generate SimCash and Simoleon in a minute. With our tool, you won’t have any problem to get any items in the game for free.

You may find many similar tools on the internet. However, only a few of them are working. However, you don’t need to worry about our tool. Our fvcking the sims hack tool works perfectly. We never have any complaints from users after we launched it several weeks ago. This is the real tool for both versions of Sims game.

Perfect Tool for iOS and Android

The sims hack tool works perfectly fine on iOS and Android devices. What you need is just entering your Sims Mobile username. Then, choose the OS (iOS or Android) you use. Once you are done, you can adjust how many SimCash and Simoleons you want to get. Wait for several minutes and you get them for free. And, you also can spend it like what you want.

We don’t only provide the generator tool to get SimCash and Simoleon for free. But, we also provide many tips and tricks you can use for this game. With the combination of the tips, tricks, and our tool, we believe you get the best experience in playing Sims Mobile. More importantly, you don’t need to root or jailbreak your device.

The Banned Risk

People tend to be afraid of using a hack tool because they don’t want to be banned. However, ours is safe. We use an encrypted network with proxies and other methods. So, you don’t need to worry. You can use our tools and enjoy the game. However, you still can get banned, if other players or even your friends report you for using our cheat.  

The Sims Mobile Hack that Works!!!

In the end, you have the hack tool that works very well for Android and iOS. It released earlier as the first hack and generator tool that works until now. You can find more information about this amazing tool, here!

Cheats, Tricks, and Tips for Sims Mobile!

Find tips and tricks on the internet, if you are not interested in The Sims hack tool. However, you must remember that Sims Mobile is a simple game. It’s a pay-to-win game. So, SimCash and Simoleon are important elements to have fun in this game. Therefore, you are in the right place. We have a tool that can give you free SimCash and Simoleon. The cheats, tips, and tricks may tell you something you don’t know. But, you can’t get the SimCash and Simoleon for free. You can only get it by using this hack tool, covered by many magazines.

Why Should You Use Our Sims Hack Tools for Sims Mobile?

The main element of Sims Mobile game and other Android games is micro-transaction, where you buy a game item with real money. In Sims Mobile, you also need to use real money to buy SimCash. This is the only way to get the currency you can use in-game to buy clothes for your character, work or even the house. And, the prices for SimCash are quite expensive.

Some player even spends more than $100 a month in this micro-transactions system. A game shouldn’t be like that. A game should be created where you can enjoy it without spending too much money. The Sims Mobile Generator gives you that kind of game. You can get SimCash for free for your iOS and Android device. So, you don’t need to pay real money for these in-game currencies. That means you can get the items you want for free as well.

Play Sims Mobile with So Much Fun

You also can ignore the micro-transaction. However, you won’t be able to buy the best clothes or other top and rare items. But, you can still enjoy the game at its full features by using this hack APK and tool for free SimCash. You just need to try it. You don’t need to take any survey or use your mobile phone number. 

Level Up Tips for the Sims Mobile

Leveling up is quite difficult. You need to plan your character route in the beginning. Choose the important thing to focus on first, and then you can start to build your “life” in this game. However, here, we have several tips you can use to get more experiences easier, thus leveling up your character.

  • Do not forget to log in every day for the daily rewards,
  • Complete the daily mission on time,
  • Take a part in any events that come regularly,
  • Equip item that gives you extra XP and energy on your house and other locations, for extra XP,
  • Finish the event and make sure you have the highest energy level when you start the event,
  • If you have enough energy level, do not hesitate to take any risk in the event. It helps you to finish the event much faster.
  • Give your Sim’s family the best treatment. If you do it correctly, you can pass your talents and knowledge to your kids and the next generation.

Why You Should Use Our Website?

Nowadays, many players prefer to use the hack and online generators than buying the item and in-game currency. It saves more money and you can still enjoy the game. And the best place you can find that and online generator tool for The Sims Mobile is our website. We have a safe, secure and no risk tool you can use for the game. You can use many strategies, but this tool is the best method. 

Is This A Trusted Website?

We use the safest measure to keep our the sims hack tool safe to use and work perfectly. You don’t need to provide your email or password. What you need is using your username and chooses an operating system you use. Decide how much SimCash and Simoleon you want to get. Then, you can get them for free.

If this is your first time using the hack tool or online generator, you can start it on our website. The process is simple. You just need to click and within a few minutes, you get the SimCash and Simoleon that you want. If you play the Sims Mobile, you must understand how important SimCash and Simoleon is. The best of all, you can get them for free with our tool.

Baby in the Sims Mobile

In this game, you also can have a baby. You can be a parent and raise your baby. However, you can only do this once you reach level 11. Therefore, before you decide to have a baby, make sure you finish the mission, remove the mission and close the stories. The latest version of this game gives players a chance to adopt a baby. So, you don’t need to worry about making your baby. For more information, you can read our explanation below.

How to Make a Baby

As mentioned above, the first thing you need to do is leveling up your Sims to level 11. Once you are at level 11, you can follow the instruction below to get the baby. Remember, some missions also have a requirement where you must have a baby to finish it. Here how to do that.

  • Click the furniture symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen when your character in its house,
  • Click the armchair symbol,
  • Choose “Buy” and scroll the screen to the right,
  • On the “Baby and Child” tab, you can find “Visiting the Stork” cradle,
  • Buy the cradle and place it in your house,
  • Select the Sims to use this cradle and you will have three options, (to adopt a girl, to adopt a boy, and to make a baby). Choose any of those options to get a baby.

Once you choose any of those three options, you will get theree energy,  three experience bubbles, and ten Sims tickets. You need to wait for 30 minutes to get the baby that you want.

For the “make a baby” option, you need to choose the mother or father, depending on your character’s gender. You can choose your fiancées, wives or husbands. You can only get one cradle for one house. It means you can only have one baby.

Raising Your Baby

When you get a baby, you can’t do anything to it. You can only feed and interact with your baby that keeps lying in the cradle. You can do many different things when you find a blue cake symbol appear on the cradle. It means that your baby has turned into a toddler. 

When you are doing an event, you won’t be able to care about your baby. Therefore, it’s recommended to close down the event and focus on the baby. It helps you to unlock special features and receive rewards later on. You can choose the reward once the baby reaches level 6 or when you unlock its birthday party feature.

The Energy in the Sims Mobile

Energy is an important element of this game. You use it for almost all activities. Once you fulfill all your Sims needs, you need to recharge your energy. You can do it by sleeping or relaxing. You can find how much energy you have left by looking at the energy indicator under your Sims photo. However, this indicator only shows up when your character is doing its job. You get 30 energy units in the beginning, and you can’t increase it. The recharging speed is 1 energy unit per 3 minutes. So, to fully recharge your character, you need 90 minutes.

How to Charge Energy Faster

You need the energy to complete events or working to improve your career. To recharge it, you can use a cupcake. You get this cupcake from completing the to-do list. So, make sure you check the list to see if you can get the cupcake. Or, you also can buy it with SimCash. 

You also can recharge your energy in your house by using items. Here are several items that you can use to recharge your character energy. 

  • Toilet (“Follow Nature’s Call”) – you get 2 energy units from it. You can use it after 2 hours from the previous usage.
  • Shower (“Take a quick shower”) – you get 5 energy units from it. You can use it after 5 hours from the previous usage. 
  • Bed (“Make power nap”) – you get 10 energy units. The cooling down for this item is 23 hours.
  • Bathtub – it gives you 15 energy or half or your energy bar. The cooldown is 45 hours.

One thing you need to know, you can unlock and use the bathtub, after you reach level 17. Therefore, once you have access to a bathtub; do not hesitate to get one. It helps you a lot, as it restores more energy than other items you can have in your house.

When your character attends a party, it will have a special energy bar (10 energy units). All the activities you are doing in the party will consume this energy bar. And, to recharge it, you can eat party cake. This special energy bar also won’t automatically recharge. So, you need to make your character to refill its energy. That will help your character to stay and get benefits from the party event.